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The Organic Way To Health and Wealth For Farm Holders, Entrepreneurs And All
Agri-Problem. Organic Solution. Productivity and Prosperity.
What NextGen Envision For Today And The Next Generation ...
What NextGen Can Do For You And Your Community
Restore The Fertility of Your Land
Produce Vigorous , Healthy and Productive Plants and Animals
Create A Healthy Environment Free of Toxic Chemicals and Pollutants
Provide You and Every Person Good Health and Wellness
Foster a Community of Healthy and Prosperous People

Why Do You Need NextGen Organic Bio-Fertilizer?

It Solves Worldwide Problem of Soil Degradation, Acidity, Infertility, Toxicity, Low Productivity, Taxing Method of Fertilization and High Cost of Fertilizers
How NextGen Solves Above Problem
NG - Organic BioFertilizers
NextGen Products Provides All Necessary For Organic Farming
8. Organic Farming as Solution

We would like to express our utmost appreciation to the group for fully supporting RA 10068, also known as the Organic Agriculture Act 2010."

DA Secretary Emmanuel 'Manny' Piñol

Using NextGen's Organic Bio-Fertilizers These Farms Produce More and Better Harvest at Less Cost

Using NextGen's Organic Bio-Fertilizers , Produce Are Better, Bigger and More; Increasing Income Like Never Before, Thus INDEED EARNING MORE

NextGen's Organic Bio-Fertilizers Are Significantly More Effective and Efficient in Increasing Production at Less Cost Compared with Other Commercial and Non-commercial Fertilizers, as can be seen in data below (Amount in Philippine Peso)

14. Comparative Produciton-Cost
NextGen Organic Bio-Products Have Powerful Components!
100% organic components. Humic and fulvic materials and all macro & trace minerals from organic deposit. Beneficial micro-organisms. Scientifically formulated.
RapidGrowth Potassium Humate
  • Increases the efficacy of fertilizer by preventing excessive leaching away from the root zone and ultimately releasing it to the root zone as needed.
  • Helps to reduce soil erosion by increasing cohesive forces of very fine soil particles.
  • Changes the physical and mechanical properties of the soil in structure, color, consistency and moisture holding capacity to a very great degree as the organic matter increases.
  • Increases the permeability of plant membranes, enhancing the uptake of nutrients more efficiently.
  • Improves the soil environment to optimum needed for the uninterrupted growth of various groups of beneficial microorganisms.
RapidGrowth Nitro-Humate
  • Helps plant improve absorption of macro and trace nutrients by facilitating opening of stomata.
  • Increases crop resistance to adverse condition - disease, pests and heat stress.
  • Improves flavor, color, firmness and preservation of fruit.
  • Promotes proper plant elongation.
  • Strengthens cell wall structure.
  • Produces amazing effects on fruit quality.
  • Increases crop yield.
NG 44 RapidGrowth Nitro-Humate Info
  • Used as soil inoculant to improve seed germination, hasten seedling growth and increase crop yield but reducing use of chemical fertilizer and pesticide.
  • Provides balanced nutrition to crops by making available both macronutrients (i.e., Calcium and Phosphorous) and micronutrients (i.e., Zinc and Boron).
  • Allows greater soil exploration by roots, encouraging longer, stronger and well-developed root system.
  • Controls a wide range of root diseases by colonizing the root surfaces, controlling a barrier against the soil fungal pathogens and destroying them.


  • Liquid Organic Based Fertilizer made from natural and organic plant based ingredients.
  • A natural pure fertilizer that contains Dynamic essential nutrients and beneficial microorganism.
  • Helps revitalize soil quality, promotes vigorous growth, increases root development, and improves disease and plant stress tolerance without the bad effects of chemical fertilizers.
  • Highly improves the development and growth of plant parts.
  • Restores, maintains and preserves the normal functioning of land soil.
That’s Cool… But What Else Can NextGen Do?
NextGen Offers Everyone A Business Platform To Build Wealth
Through Membership - Distributorship - Stockist Program
NextGen Marketing/Compensation Plan Is A Superb Way For Creating Wealth Online And/Or Offlline
How NextGen Provides You The Above Wealth Building Business Platform?
Through Four Step-Level Membership Available to Ordinary Farmer Up To High Financed Investor-Entrepreneur (No Limit To The Number of Package Per Individual Account)
Bronze Membership
Bronze Package
For those with farms in the range of ____ hectares or willing to make one-time investment of $30.00 for a maximum potential income of $20.00 per day the Silver Package Membership is recommended.
Silver Membership
For those with farms in the range of ____ hectares or willing to make one-time investment of $180.00 for a maximum potential income of $480.00 per day the Silver Package Membership is recommended.
Gold Membership
For those with large farms in the range of ____ hectares or willing to make one-time investment of $1,220.00 for a maximum potential income of $840.00 per day the Gold Package Membership is recommended.
Platinum Membership
For those with large farms in the range of ____ hectares or willing to make one-time investment of $2,460.00 for a maximum potential income of $1,000.00 per day the Platinum Package Membership is recommended.

Why NextGen Is Your Choice For Wealth Building Business Platform?

With NextGen Organic Products and Business Membership Package You Can Increase Productivity and Income From Your Farm And Build Increasing Wealth For Today and the Next Generation
We invite you to join us and experience a fulfilling life of helping people grow life giving organic produce, helping people prosper and be of good health and in the process, prospering and being happy as well.
NG - Jovie with Pres and Leaders

Welcome To NextGen Family

We advocate organic way of FARMING as well as HEALTHY and WEALTHY Community. Please join and HELP us RESTORE our AGRILAND. Let us UNITE in SAVING OUR PLANET for our NEXTGENERATION. Let us CLEANSE our polluted world from toxic chemicals. Let us GO ORGANIC . . . not only for our OWN interest but for our NEXTGENERATION.

Join NextGen Now for as low as one-time investment of $50 or $250 or $1,000 for higher income.
Secure Your Wealth Building Share in the Next Wave of Organic Food Production Industry
One-Time Payment Only – Lifetime Business
Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

What Is NextGen?
NextGen is a duly registered corporation in the Philippines which aim to become # 1 organic through organic products, eco-friendly and sustainable farming; restoration, rehabilitation and reconditioning of agro-land and rebuilding communities with complete, happy , wealthy and healthy family.

What are the Products of NextGen?
NextGen’s products are 100% organic bio-fertilizers compose of humic and fulvic acid and all macro and trace elements needed by plants; organic feeds and feed supplements, organic food supplements and organic beauty and personal care products.

How does one join NextGen?
Applicants need to have a sponsor and upline, first of all, who are members of NextGen, fill-up application form and then purchase membership package of their choice: bronze, silver, gold or platinum. Upon purchase of their membership package they must be registered to NextGen’s online system. Registration is accomplished by respective sponsor or the applicant under the guidance of the sponsor.

How to Earn in NextGen and How Much Can I earn?
A member earns by selling (25-80% profit) and by referral of others who purchase membership package. Income from selling and referral are further boosted through a compensation plan that provides 8 ways of earning income from those 2 activities.

How much can a NextGen member earn?
A member’s earning depends on his activity of selling and referral and more importantly in his effort of building his network of distributors. Earnings could vary from $10 in a day to $20 per day to $840 per day depending on his selling and referral activity of his network; virtually unlimited potential. That is why NextGen business is wealth creation business without huge capital investment.

How realiable and stable is NextGen?
NextGen's reliability can be seen by its performance. With only 3 years of operations it has gained membership by the thousands and had proven its promise of prosperity to members by numerous successful distributors and happy customers. NextGen has been endorsed by the President, the Department of Agriculture, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources and Mayor of Davao City. Its products have been awarded by reputable third party institutions.

For Philippines/International Contact:

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For Nigeria Contact: +2348064360510


For Ghana Contact: +2335411744488 *

+233 57 638 1397 (WhatsApp)

For Namibia Contact: +264 81 359 7359

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For South Africa Contact: +27 73 892 4207

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For Uganda Contact: +256757774314 *

+256788532075 (Same in WhatsApp)

Corporate Office

NextGen Global Alliance Corp
14th Flr. AIC Burgundy Empire Tower
ADB Avenue, Ortigas Center
Pasig City, Philippines

Office Hours:
Monday to Saturday - 10 am to 10 pm
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