About NextGen Global Alliance

NextGen Global Alliance is a duly registered company that engages in distribution of organic products particularly in agriculture, wellness, personal care and technology.


To provide a quality and organic products in every family.

To uplift the lives of everyone and to experience TIME & FINANCIAL FREEDOM together with their loved ones.

To provide excellent services in accordance with its mission and vision.


We are aiming to be the number one organic provider in every family.

We dedicate ourselves in providing better health and wealth.

We advocate organic products, eco-friendly, and sustainable farming


Leaving a legacy is our way of life in building the future of our next generation.

Seek first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness and all those things shall be added unto you.

Core Values

Sincerity and Service

Honesty and Humility

Integrity and Intelligence

Fairness and Family Oriented

Teamwork and Trustworthy


Company Awards and Recognition


NextGen Products

To learn about our agri-products and how they can help you produce more yield in your farms and livestock while lower inyour cost of production, kindly click this: NextGen Agri-Products

To learn about our organic health and beauty products and how they can help you become healthier and more beautiful  kindly click this: NextGen Organic Supplements

To order NextGen products, kindly click this: NextGen Online Shop


NextGen Business

To learn about our business opportunity and how NextGen achieves its goal of helping ordinary farmers and individuals achieve real wealth, kindly click this: NextGen Business

To join NextGen as member and authorized distributor or stockist, kindly click this: NextGen Application